Person Discovering Fire or Smoke

1. Raise alert by shouting "Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire in (identify room /area) Evacuate the building". Repeat alert three times.

2. Attack fire with first aid extinguisher only if a fire extinguisher is readily available.

3. Close all doors surrounding fire area.

4. Check and clear all adjacent areas/rooms for personnel and provide assistance if needed.

5. Evacuate area by nearest safe fire exit route. Close all doors as you exit.

6. Upon leaving the building, proceed to area adjacent to Club main entrance and upon the arrival of the Fire Department brief them where and what you seen in the building.

Other Personnel/Guests in Building

1. Upon hearing the alert "Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire in ______ (room/area) Evacuate the building", 
shout "Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire in ______ (room/area). Evacuate the building." Repeat alert three times.

2. If located in the Upper Lounge, phone "911" and report fire.

3. Evacuate the Club by closes safe emergency exit.

4. Assist anyone having difficulty departing building.

5. Close all doors as you exit the building.

6. Upon departing the building, gather in southeast corner of the parking area clear of the building.

7. Upon reaching the designated parking area muster location, locate and report to your team Skip or Vice skip or (for nonmember social events) event organizer.

Team Skips or Vice Skips or Event Organizer (for nonmember social events)

1. Upon reaching the designated parking area muster location, sight and account for all your team members or attendees.

2. Report the results the accounting of team members/ event attendees to the League Convener or Bartender (for nonmember social events).

League Convener (or in their absence, any member of the Club Executive or in there absence the sheet two red stones Skip ) or Bartender (for non member social events).

1. Retrieve key box for locked Club's rooms located inside the door at the main Club entrance.

2. Upon reaching the designated parking area muster location, initiate a count of evacuated personnel and identify any persons missing and the location where he/she was last seen.

3. Upon arrival of Fire Department, report results the count of evacuated personnel, the number of persons reported missing and the location(s) last seen.

4. Provide Fire Department representative with key box of locked rooms in Club.

5. Provide Fire department with any additional assistance needed.

6. Request direction from Fire Department representative with regards to allowing evacuated personnel access to their personnel vehicles or relocation to better more comfortable area of shelter. i.e. Hockey arena.

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